Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Day 17

It is day 17, and so far it has been OK.  

I am really tired though, but I am getting so much more sleep than I was when I was drinking and smoking!  Part of it is that I used to stay up to drink, and the other is that I used to fall asleep on the couch, and then you are doomed to not get a good nights sleep! 

So, all in all I am seeing a lot of positives, and I am not finding it as hard as I thought it was going to be.  I love waking up without a hangover, and without feeling like my head is in the clouds and I can't focus.  I am going to bed easier, and haven't suffered with insomnia as much as I was.  I am not waking up at 3am, I am pretty much sleeping through.  I think my body is not used to so much rest because I am so tired most of the time.  

I am always one for change, and we are moving house in February.  I don't find moving house that stressful, in fact I secretly love it.